Withdrawal from a Class

After the add/drop/swap deadline, you may formally withdraw from a class by filing a petition to Request a W (Withdraw) grade notation with your college academic advisers.  You cannot withdraw from a class through the MyUCSC portal.

The completed petition must be filed by the end of the sixth week of instruction (see the Academic and Administrative Calendar for deadlines). After the deadline, you may only withdraw from a class for documented medical or emergency reasons. The grade notation of W will appear on your official transcript, but it is not included in your GPA calculation.

Although a W notation does not affect your GPA, the decision to withdraw from a class should not be taken lightly.  Withdrawing from classes can affect your academic progress, and selective graduate programs may not look favorably on W notations.  There are, however, times when withdrawing from a class is a very good choice.

If you are considering withdrawing from a class out of concern about your academic performance, talk with your instructor before the W deadline.  Some students find that such a conversation leads to a renewed confidence in their ability to succeed in a class, or an understanding of the support resources available to them.  Consult with an adviser at your college about the benefits and drawbacks of withdrawing from a course.