First (Freshman) Year Student Learning Objectives

1.  Students will understand how the UCSC advising system is organized and learn how to access advising and academic support services. Within the advising relationship, students will understand their responsibilities for taking action and making decisions related to their academic plans.

2.  Students will develop an understanding of how to use the MyUCSC Student Portal.

3.  Students will identify qualification requirements, initial placement information, and first year courses for potential majors. In pursuing first year courses, students will both develop the academic foundational skills important to potential majors and assess their interest in, and ability to succeed in, the program.

4.  Students will make progress toward clarifying their educational goals as related to the choice of a major, and will propose a major (or confirm a proposed major) by the end of their first year.

5.  Students will learn to develop an academic plan that includes classes to meet degree requirements and that meets the university’s time-to-degree policies, and that takes into account prerequisite and course sequencing issues.

6.  Students will develop appropriate university level conduct.