Office of Campus Advising Coordination - Our Projects

We're making progress!

We're working on the following projects (and more!) during the 2018 - 2019 academic year:

  • Stacey Sketo-Rosener, AVP for Undergraduate Advising: Implementing year two of UCSC's new Adviser Certificate Program; planning for the 2019 System-wide UC Advising Conference, which will be hosted by UC Santa Cruz; implementing recommendations from the 2018 Advising Task Force Report, and working on a variety of projects related to policy and procedure.
  • Danielle Mello, Colleges Advising Coordinator: Providing support for hiring on-boarding and training new college advisers; completing and co-facilitating second year of Adviser Certificate Program; developing strategies to respond to and streamline workload concerns; organizing New Adviser Welcome event and annual Advising Community meeting; participating in committee work to improve various advising processes; and completing of online training/resource manual for Colleges Advising.
  • Tony Soottinanchai, Advising Data and Process Analyst: Retooling the readmission application process; roll out a mass mailing and mail-merge framework; creating an individual graduation check report.
  • Sean Malone, Advising Programs Coordinator: Training peer "success coaches" to work with students in academic difficulty; Developing campus-wide trainings for peer advisers; Developing and implementing an outreach process for students who haven't enrolled for the upcoming term.
  • Don Bard, Coordinator of Undergraduate Honors and Research Opportunities: Implementing processes to award the Koret Undergraduate Research Scholarships; working with colleges to double the size of the College Scholars Program; incorporating individual advising capabilities, in spaces throughout campus, on the topic of undergraduate research.
  • College Scholars and Koret Grant AssistantSupporting the application, selection, and notification process of the College Scholars Program Spring Start; assisting in distributing the Koret scholarships and planning the Koret Scholars Undergraduate Research Slam; providing support to the Pister Leadership Opportunity Award and Deans' and Chancellor's Awards selection and notification process.