Academic Advising Inservice Training

Theme: Focus on the First Year 

  • Welcome, Overview of the day, Introductions of new Staff (Danielle Mello) 

  • Advising is Teaching, Advising Goals/Student Learning Objectives (Stacey Sketo-Rosener ) 

  • Triple Take- Review and Clarification (Danielle Mello & Marie Yoo) 

  • Team building activity- Turbo 10! (Sean Malone) 

  • Student Success Evaluation and Research Center (SSERC)- Research findings and considerations for advising first year students (Brandon Balzer Carr) 

  • Major declaration process- Review and Clarification (Stacey Sketo-Rosener) 

  • Major Qualification Activity (Crown/Merrill Team) 

  • Slug Success- “Campaigns” for Targeted Outreach with First Year Students (Sam Foster) 

Download the PDF of the full presentation