The College Core Course

The Core Course: College 1

All entering frosh take a first-year “core course”, titled College 1, as one of their three classes this fall (the specific name of your course will bear your college’s name; for example, Oakes College students will take Oakes 1).

Your core course is an introduction to university discourse, and it is designed to prepare you for the styles of critical reading, thinking, and engagement that you will encounter throughout your university experience. The course subject matter is distinct to each of the colleges; each course is designed to build unique intellectual communities, bringing entering first-year students together around distinctive themes and questions.

You’ll hear more about the core course, and enrolling in this course, during Summer Orientation.

Writing Requirements and the Academic Literacy Sequence

UCSC students must satisfy three requirements within their first two years (six quarters). This sequence is collectively called the Academic Literacy Curriculum (ALC).

The Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) must be satisfied before the start of the fourth quarter of enrollment (before your second year at UCSC). ELWR can be assessed by either placement or test scores before arrival at UCSC -- or by completion of specific classes at UCSC. Depending on your exams and scores, you may have satisfied this requirement before arrival at UCSC. You can check your possible ELWR satisfaction here.

The College Requirement is satisfied by the College Core Course (College 1). This class is only offered in fall quarters, and all entering students are expected to enroll. Students who do not pass this course will be required to take it the following year.

The Composition Requirement is satisfied by a class called Writing 2. This requirement must be satisfied by the beginning of your seventh quarter (before your third year) at UCSC. Depending on their writing placement upon arrival at UCSC, students will either take a class called Writing 1, as preparation for Writing 2, or will enroll directly into Writing 2. Writing 2 satisfies the Composition requirement.

You can find detailed descriptions for the Academic Literacy Curriculum sequence, and how it might look based on your writing placement, on the Writing Program website: Requirements in Writing Overview.

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