Graduation Requirements - the Basics

In order to graduate, you will be asked to complete more than just the courses for your major.  You will need to complete all of the general education requirements, as well as university requirements. You will also need to reach a minimum of 180 credits, which is the equivalent of four years of full-time work. Please see the image below for a sense of the full degree requirements that apply to you.

graduation requirements

You will have all four (and no more than five) years to complete these requirements. Many majors (especially science or engineering majors) will require you to begin classes in your first year to stay on track. You are encouraged to take a balance of general education and major qualifying classes in your first year. For more detailed information on full degree requirements, please refer to the UCSC General Catalog.

Some AP and IBH Scores Satisfy Requirements!

AP exams (scores of 3, 4, and 5) and IBH exams (scores of 5, 6, and 7) may transfer in as credits and in some cases satisfy general education and major requirements. For a detailed view of how AP-IBH exam scores translate, please review the AP-IBH Chart.

Next Steps

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