Getting Started in Sociology - Transfers


Students are admitted to UC Santa Cruz with a "proposed major" in most cases, and later petition to officially declare the major. Admission does not guarantee acceptance into a particular major, although transfer students' records are screened for preparation for many majors at the time of admission. Junior transfer students must be formally declared by the deadline in their second quarter of enrollment.

Qualification requirements and/or prerequisites for the major:

Review Major Qualification Requirements in the General Catalog.

Transfer students who intend to pursue this major should do the following prior to the beginning of their first term…

  • Ensure your official transcripts arrive at UC Santa Cruz by July 1; all official test scores, including AP scores, must arrive by July 15.
  • Complete parts 1 & 2 of the Slug Orientation Course process to receive your enrollment appointment date.
  • Meet the qualification requirements.
  • Students should review the major requirements and understand the major’s qualification and graduation requirements.

...and should take these courses their first term:

SOCY 3A: The Evaluation of Evidence, should be taken if the equivalent research methods course was not taken from a previous institution. SOCY 105A: Classical Social Theory, or a Sociology Elective, should be taken if the equivalent to SOCY 3A has already been taken from a previous institution.

If unable to enroll in the courses listed above:

Special enrollment procedures:

Enroll in classes during your online enrollment appointment time. Sophomore transfer students may need assistance enrolling into sociology courses restricted to juniors and seniors. Contact the advisor for assistance.

Skills important for success in this major:

Critical reading skills, analytical writing abilities, sociological analysis of race, class, gender, and culture.

Although not required for the major, students in this major might benefit from:

Many courses outside of Sociology have been approved for a Sociology elective. Although students are only allowed two substitutions of the five electives required for the major, students may choose to take additional courses since the content may be of interest.

Other Information:

A Sociology with Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (GISES) Intensive Concentration major is also offered. Students interested in the concentration must take SOCY 30A, Introduction to GISES, in Fall quarter of their first quarter as it is the start of a year-long series. 

In addition, a Combined major with Latin American and Latino Studies is offered through the LALS Department.

The tentative annual sociology course offerings can be used to create quarterly academic plans.

Transfer students entering UCSC as proposed sociology majors are encouraged to declare the major in their first quarter. 

Links to Review:

Program Description (Catalog)
Department Website
Program Learning Outcomes
Declaration of Major
Global Learning Program
Elective Course Substitutions

Advisor Contact Information:

Tina Cossaboom

(831) 459-4497 or
Rachel Carson College Administrative Building, Room 226