Major Preparation for 2016-17 Transfer Students

In most cases, students are admitted to the university with a "proposed major" and later petition the department to officially declare the major; admission to the UCSC campus does not guarantee admission to a particular major.

Several UCSC majors are selective, and admission to the major is based on successful completion of lower-division pre-major requirements. In many majors, junior transfer students must have completed a number of lower-division courses in the major at the time of transfer to be able to complete degree requirements within two years.

Click on the major you are interested in to see the requirements for declaring the major (if any), as well as the preparation recommended prior to transferring to UCSC as a junior. For students transferring from a California Community College, course equivalencies can be found on the ASSIST website, at

Information about UCSC majors is available at and in the "Programs and Courses" section of the UCSC General Catalog.