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You'll need access to a printer and up to thirty minutes to go through this tutorial. Please read through this page carefully, so you don't miss important information about your continued enrollment at UCSC.

Have you ever been on Academic Probation or Subject to Disqualification? Whether you're a seasoned pro at academic difficulty (we hope not), or still shell-shocked from your first non-passing grade(s), we'd like to make sure you're clear on what academic standing is (and then we'll look at how to repair yours). The consequences you've heard about - barred enrollment and disqualification - are serious, and real, and we'd like to keep you from learning this the hard way.

Here's some text from the University's Navigator, the online policy and procedure manual (feel free to click on the link and read more!):

You are placed on academic probation when you are not passing enough courses with grades at the level of C (2.0) or better. In placing you on academic probation, the college is warning you that your current level of academic performance could put you in danger of disqualification from the university. The fact that you are on academic probation is not permanently entered on your academic record. However, that information is recorded on your unofficial transcript.

Academic probation is a serious call for you to take a careful look at your workload, study habits, choice of program of study, priorities, and motivation.  The strategies for improving your academic standing differ depending upon the causes of your academic difficulty and whether the difficulty is a short-term problem in one term or whether it arises from a longer term pattern.  Getting good advice from academic counselors will help you get back on the road to good academic standing.  However, failure to actively address the problem may lead to a further decline in your academic standing to the point where you become subject to disqualification from the university.

Now that you know more about academic standing, let's explore how you ended up on academic probation. It's time to begin the Academic Standing Tutorial.  First, open the Academic Standing Worksheet (pdf), which you'll need to complete the exercises below. Your college may ask that you print the completed form and bring it to your appointment with an adviser, or may ask that you save it and send it to them via email. You will need the worksheet and access to this page to complete the exercise. Before you begin, check to see if your college advising office sent you additional instructions for completing the worksheet.

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This tutorial was created through the collaborative efforts of Ursula Oberg of Kresge College, staff at Merrill College, and staff in the Division of Undergraduate Education.

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