About Undergraduate Advising at UCSC

Each student has at least two professional academic advisors while enrolled at UCSC:

  • College advisors and preceptors are “generalist” advisors. They can help students understand campus-wide requirements such as general education, academic progress, and time-to-degree policies. They can also help students identify majors that may be a good fit for them. Students are affiliated with their college advisors from admission through graduation.  Contact information for college advisors
  • Program, major, or department advisors focus on a specific program. They can help students understand major qualification and graduation requirements, and academic planning for the major. They help students identify appropriate faculty mentors and enrichment opportunities within and related to the program. Students are affiliated with their program advisors from the time they are formally declared in the major until the time of graduation. Contact information for major advisors

In addition to the advisors listed above, many students will, either formally or informally, identify faculty advisors and/or mentors within their major program.

There are a number of other advising services that focus either on specific groups of students, or on specific opportunities. See the "Other Advising" link at left for more information about these services.