Academic Enrichment: Individualizing your Education

Most students will have opportunities to include enrichment and/or electives in their academic plan, beyond the courses taken to satisfy major and general education requirements. Since majors at UCSC might require anywhere from 11 to 29 courses, the number of elective courses and/or enrichment opportunities you can fit into your four-year plan (or two-year plan, for transfer students) will depend, to some extent, on the major you choose.

Use the links at left to explore the possibilities that are open to you, but don't limit your exploration to this list! UCSC is a large and vibrant community with a huge number of opportunities. When you meet someone who has pursued an enrichment experience that added to their education, ask questions! Talk with faculty and your advisors about opportunities specific to your major and/or goals. Since many of these opportunities take some time to prepare for, explore early to keep your options open.

Your education is not a series of requirements to check off (although there are, of course, requirements). It's a path that you create to become the person you want to be. Approach your planning process actively, intentionally, and with a sense of exploration!