Major Exploration Workshop for 1st Year Students

This workshop assists exploratory students in their process of choosing a major. Students learn about resources, strategies and support options for the process of choosing a major at UCSC. The intended audience is first-year students. All first year students receive an invitation to attend. Offered monthly during fall/winter/spring.

Major Exploration Workshop for 2nd Year Students

This workshop aims to help students through the process of transitioning to a new major upon wanting or needing to choose an alternative. The intended audience is any student transitioning from one major to another, and especially those who did not qualify for their initial intended major. All second year students who have not yet declared a major receive an invitation to attend. Offered monthly during fall/winter/spring. 

Academic Recovery Workshop

This workshop provides an overview of UCSC's academic standing and grading policies, and prompts student reflection about their performance with a focus on where they can find support and guidance on campus. Offered during weeks 1-3 fall/winter/spring.

Graduation Workshop

This workshop is designed for seniors in their final quarter(s) who have questions about graduation. The workshop consists of a short presentation about final quarter logistics (ie: how to apply to graduate, etc), answers to frequently asked questions, and opportunities for students to ask any questions they have about graduation.

The calendar below populates workshops for each quarter. If no events are listed, please check back before the start of the next quarter. Contact for any questions, comments, feedback, or requests from advisors who want to attend one of the workshops.