Third Year Advising Goals

You're halfway there! Junior year is a time to fully engage -- with your classes, your professors, and the multitude of opportunities that the research university offers. The third year goals will help you ensure that your education is truly yours:

1. Make meaningful connections with faculty in your major, and identify those you consider mentors. You'll find that building these connections will help you build a different level of engagement with the material you're learning in class, and help you clarify your interests within your discipline.

2. Further clarify your post-UCSC goals (and talk to people about them!). Consider ways to prepare for those goals by using the elective space in your academic plan -- some students may pursue internships, others may pursue research under faculty supervision, others a minor or a special educational program. Individualize your education!

3. Identify possible graduate school and career possibilities. Begin researching graduate schools at least 18 months before you plan to attend.

4. Research senior-year opportunities in your major such as senior theses, research, scholarship and award opportunities, etc.

5. Check your academic plan to be sure you're on track for a timely graduation. Checking now means fewer possibiilities for unpleasant surprises later -- if you have questions or are unsure, contact an advisor.