Fourth Year Advising Goals

You're on the home stretch!  Senior year is a time to both tie things up and to plan for new beginnings.  Be sure to take advantage of all the resources the university offers as you prepare for life after UCSC, and work toward the following goals:

1.  Early in the year, review, confirm, and plan for completing your graduation requirements.

2.  Take important steps toward going to graduate school or beginning the job search process:  take required exams, file graduate school applications, request letters of recommendation, attend career fairs.

3.  Learn how to confidently present your skills to potential employers and graduate school selection committees.  You've gotten a good education and have vast potential for contributing to the world in positive ways; be sure you know how to communicate that to others.

4.  Up to one quarter before you plan to complete requirements, apply for graduation through the MyUCSC portal by the deadline, and then track the status of your graduation application through the "Degree" tab of the MyUCSC Student Advising Summary.  Signing up to walk in commencement ceremonies at your college is an entirely different process, so be sure you do both!

5.  You're a banana slug through and through -- consider the ways you'll stay connected with UCSC after you graduate.  We're proud of our graduates, and hope they'll stay connected with us through campus involvement, joining the Alumni Association, etc.

Information for Graduating Seniors