Undergraduate Academic Advising Mission

The primary purpose of undergraduate academic advising is to assist students in clarifying their educational goals and in developing academic plans to achieve them at UCSC.

As part of the educational mission of the university, the academic advising program should enable students to become self-directed learners and responsible decision-makers and encourage them to take advantage of available educational opportunities both within the formal curriculum and beyond it.


The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational plans and life goals rests with individual students. The university should assist them by:

  1. Providing opportunities to clarify their career and life goals and assess their academic strengths and challenges.
  2. Providing accurate and relevant information about academic programs and other educational experiences available to them.
  3. Informing them of institutional requirements and interpreting institutional policies and procedures relevant to their success.
  4. Monitoring their progress toward completion of their academic plans and compliance with institutional expectations of academic standing and progress.
  5. Encouraging use of institutional and community services in support of academic success.