Undergraduate Academic Advising Mission

The primary purpose of undergraduate academic advising is to partner with students to identify and pursue paths to graduation that support their educational goals and post graduation plans, and thereby make meaningful change for themselves, their families, and communities. 

Consistent with UCSC’s Principles of Community and NACADA’s Core Values, advisors honor the identity and experience of students, and encourage reflection, responsible decision-making, and academic self-efficacy.


College and major academic advisors promote undergraduate success by:

  • Building authentic and collaborative relationships with students, recognizing and honoring their lived experience
  • Guiding students to learn about and achieve important academic milestones on their journey toward graduation
  • Providing relevant and accurate information about university programs, opportunities, and resources
  • Empowering students to pursue and achieve degree plans that spark their interest and intellectual curiosity
  • Recognizing and identifying ways to overcome barriers to successful degree completion
  • Collaborating with campus partners to build a network of support for students, and to promote and advocate for continuous improvement, student success, and equitable outcomes.
Mission and goals revised, summer 2022