Privacy of Student Records

Your academic records are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and University Policy

FERPA and UC policy ensure students access to their university records, and limit disclosure of records to third parties (including to parents and guardians!).  Because of these policies, your advisors can only release information about your academic record to you; they cannot release specific information to your friends or to your parents without your authorization. They will also generally only respond to emails sent from your email address.

Please note that the information you share with your advisors will be kept private and shared only with campus officials as required to serve you in an advising capacity. However, in limited circumstances, including those related to potential harm to yourself or others, sexual assault, and abuse, we may be required by law to report incidents you disclose to other need-to-know offices on campus such as the Title IX Office and/or University of California Police Department. If you are in need of support for any issues, please see the list of confidential and/or support resources.