Degree Completion Program: Once a Slug, Always a Slug

UC Santa Cruz is committed to student success and we believe that higher education can have great, positive impact on people's lives. Undergraduate Academic Advising's mission is to partner with students to identify and pursue paths to graduation that support their educational goals and post graduation plans, and thereby make meaningful change for themselves, their families, and communities. Our degree completion program is a collaborative initiative hosted by the Office of Campus Advising Coordination to provide:

  • Graduation workshops for current undergraduates who are close to graduation 
  • Proactive follow-up for undergraduates who were recently denied graduation
  • Targeted outreach to former undergraduates who stopped out, but are close to completing degree requirements

We collaborate with major advisors, and colleagues in Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP), Office for African, Black, Caribbean (ABC) Student Success, STARS - Services for Transfer and Re-entry Students, Financial Aid & Scholarships, and the Office of the Registrar to ensure we are providing students the full range of support they may need to complete their degrees.

If you are interested in re-engaging with UC Santa Cruz to complete your undergraduate degree, or just want to explore your options, complete this intake form to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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