Major and Minor Requirements

Every undergraduate student is required to complete a major. Students also have the option to declare a double major or minor, if they are able to demonstrate they can do so within the maximum enrollment terms and credits allowable.  Requirements for each major and minor are outlined in the UCSC General Catalog's "Academic Programs" section.

Petition to declare a major as soon as you complete major qualification requirements, or reach your declaration deadline quarter, whichever comes first. Students who enter UCSC as frosh or sophomores must be formally declared in a major before enrolling in their third year (or equivalent). Junior transfer students must be declared in a major by the deadline in their second term at UCSC. There's no reason to wait until your deadline to declare your major, if you're eligible. Being declared in a major will ensure you're on the department's radar, and that you're getting all the information you need about opportunities available to you.  

A list of the majors and minors offered at UCSC is available in the General Catalog.  For information about choosing and qualifying for a major, and the process for declaring a major, see the Academic Planning section of this site.