Satisfactory Academic Progress

While your academic standing is based on your grade point average, your academic progress is based on the number of credits you earn, or the pace at which you are making progress toward earning a degree.  Making satisfactory academic progress will support you in completing your degree in a timely manner, and within the maximum allowable quarters and earned credits. 

Full-time undergraduate students at UCSC are expected to enroll in and earn a grade of C or better (or P) in an average of 15 credits per quarter, completing the 180 credits needed for graduation in four years. Students are allowed to enroll for a maximum of 15 quarters (9 for transfer students) or equivalent.  Detailed information about the university's minimum progress standard that all undergraduates must meet is available in chapter 4 of the online publication The Navigator

If you have questions about your academic progress, please contact an academic adviser or academic preceptor at your college.

A separate financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy (FASAP) requires that students maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better, and pass an average of 12 credits per quarter, to remain eligible to receive financial aid. FASAP is reviewed at the end of each spring term to determine aid eligibility for the following academic year, with a second check at the end of summer for students who enroll in summer classes.