New Students: Onramps!

• Frosh Onramp to the Advising Roadmap

Transfer Student Onramp to the Advising Roadmap

Welcome to UC Santa Cruz!

Learning about the academic and advising resources available at UCSC, and learning how to choose, prepare for, and enroll in classes for your first term are important parts of your transition to the university.

This Academic Advising Guide outlines the information from the roadmap in a succinct format. These guides are available in a hard copy folder format on campus, and you may receive this from your advisor. It will help you understand the purpose, goals, and ways of engaging with academic advising at UC Santa Cruz. It includes two sections, one with a series of questions designed to help you engage in self-reflection, which will be useful during your first advising session and beyond; and the other to track your progress toward important advising milestones along the way.

 Each student has at least two staff advisors while enrolled at UCSC:

  • College advisors and preceptors are “generalist” advisors. They can help students understand campus-wide requirements such as general education, academic progress, and time to degree. They can also help students identify majors that may be a good fit for them. Students are affiliated with their college advisors from admission through graduation.
  • Programmajor, or department advisers focus on a specific program. They can help students understand major qualification, declaration, and graduation requirements, and academic planning for the major. Students are affiliated with their program advisors from the time they are formally declared in the major until the time of graduation.

Use the onramp links above to prepare for a successful transition to UCSC, and to enter the Advising Roadmap!