Office of Campus Advising Coordination - Who We Are

    Stacey Sketo-Rosener

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    Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Advising

    As Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Advising, Stacey provides campus-wide leadership for academic advising, and leads the Office of Campus Advising Coordination. Her areas of focus include the  promotion of continuous improvement in advising, and identification of issues that may impede student progress. 

    Stacey worked in Admissions, at Kresge College, and at Cowell College prior to her current role. As an alumna of UC Santa Cruz's graduate program in education, she supports an "Advising as a Teaching and Learning Activity" framework, believing that advising should be an intentional process that includes a curriculum, pedagogy, and student learning outcomes. She values collaboration and communication and welcomes hearing from advisers and others about their ideas for better supporting undergraduate success, retention, and graduation.

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  • Danielle Mello

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    Associate Director of Academic Advising

    In her role coordinating advising in the colleges Danielle focuses on providing support and leadership for all ten colleges including hiring, training, assessment, and support for streamlining policy and procedure.

    Having completed her Masters in College and Career Counseling from San Francisco State University, she has over 12 years of experience in counseling, advising, leadership, and program coordination in higher education. Other UCSC roles have included: Academic Adviser and Academic Preceptor for Cowell College and Lead Career Center Adviser. Her pre-UCSC work includes career counseling and advising for community college and first generation students.

    Over the past 10 years at UCSC Danielle has found a wonderful community of friends and colleagues and greatly appreciates the opportunity for such collaborative work geared towards student success. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Danielle currently lives in Aptos with her husband and two sons. She enjoys being outdoors, jogging, attending local events with family and friends, and good humor.

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  • Sean Malone

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    Advising Programs Coordinator

    Sean oversees a team of peer advisers and success coaches who work in the colleges and on campus-wide initiatives, events, and outreach projects. He also works on various assignments and initiatives to help support student success and the broader academic advising community.

    Sean earned his BA in History and American Multicultural Studies from Sonoma State University, and his MA in American Studies from the University of Kansas. He has worked directly with college students for over a decade in a variety of roles- resident assistant, peer mentor, tutor, instructor, and academic adviser. Prior to his current role, he worked as a college adviser at UCSC’s Porter College. In his free time, Sean likes to hang out with his wife, twin boys, and two basset hounds, and explore the Santa Cruz area.

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  • Tony Soottinanchai

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    Advising Data and Process Analyst

    As the Academic Advising Data and Process Analyst for the Office of Campus Advising Coordination, Tony works with colleges, departments, curriculum analysts, and other units on campus to build reports, databases, and tools so advisers on campus have the information and resources they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

    As someone who enjoys leveraging technological solutions to improve efficiencies, Tony spends a lot of his free time building arduino powered robots to automate home tasks.

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  • Don Bard

  • Don Bard

    Coordinator of Undergraduate Honors and Research Opportunities

    Don supports the engagement of undergraduate students across campus in a variety of honors programs, including the College Scholars Program, the Koret Scholars Program, and research opportunities here at UCSC.

    ​Don received a Bachelor of Arts i​​n​​ Botany from ​Duke University and a Master​​ of ​Science in ​Marine Sciences from ​UCSC. ​Don has been a staff member at UCSC for over 20 years. ​His ​​various UCSC roles have included: TA for Physics and Astronomy, Teaching Lab Coordinator for the Ocean Sciences Department, Research Lab Manager for the Institute of Marine Sciences, Program Coordinator for the SCWIBLES program, and most recently serving students ​as the Undergraduate Advisor for the Environmental Sciences Department. Outside of UCSC, Don teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology at Monterey Peninsula College. ​Don lives ​​in ​Santa Cruz with ​his ​wife, 2 ​children, 2 cats, and one dog. ​He enjoys being outdoors, ​swimming, ​playing tennis, and ​teaching yoga.

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  • College Scholars and Koret Grant Assistant

    The College Scholars and Koret Grant Assistant assists in the application process for the Koret Undergraduate Research Scholarships and College Scholars Program. They are also responsible for the administrative duties related to Phi Beta Kappa, Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Award, and the Dean’s and Chancellor’s Undergraduate Awards including the Steck Award.

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