Apply to Graduate

As you're getting close to crossing the finish line, don't forget to officially apply to graduate!

Officially applying for graduation through the MyUCSC portal and signing up to participate in your commencement ceremony are different processes, and it's important to do both! 

•  If  you have any questions about whether you will be meeting graduation requirements by the end of the term in which you intend to graduate, contact both your college and major adviser to do a senior graduation check. 

•  Apply to graduate by the deadline in the term you plan to graduate.  You will apply for graduation through MyUCSC -- information about how to do this is on the Registrar's website.  This is the process that should ultimately result in your receiving a diploma.  Once you've applied for graduation, continue to check the status of your graduation application through the MyUCSC Student Center (click on "Student Advising Summary" and then on the "Degree" tab, and when it says, "Degree Awarded," you'll know it's official!)  It can take a couple of months after the end of the term for your graduation requirements to be verified and your degree awarded. 

•  Your college will communicate with you about signing up to participate in the commencement ceremony; much of this information will also be posted on your college's website.