Step 1 in Devising Your Plan: Major Requirements

Start by learning which classes are required for the major you hope to pursue, and which of those classes have prerequisites and/or need to be taken in a particular quarter.  You'll also need to know whether there are qualification requirements to declare your major (courses completed and/or GPA requirements).  All of this information is available in the General Catalog as well as from the major/ department adviser.  Here's an example of step 1 in the planning process for a student planning a major in sociology, and following the 2018-2019 catalog requirements. Please note that this plan is an example used to demonstrate the academic planning process; it may not reflect accurate requirements for the major or GE catalog you are following.

Year Fall Winter Spring
First Sociology 1

Sociology 10

Declare major?**

Second Sociology 3A

Sociology 3B

Third Sociology 105A
Sociology UD Elective
Sociology 105B
Sociology UD Elective
Sociology UD Elective
Sociology UD Elective

Sociology UD Elective

Sociology 196A

** Declare major this quarter if meeting major qualification requirements (course and GPA requirements)

Step 2:  An Alternate Major?