Grade Requirements

Due to the pandemic, UC Santa Cruz has made some temporary changes to grading requirements to provide more flexibility for students. Click here for information about temporary changes to our grading policies.

Effective Fall 2015, UC Santa Cruz included C-,D+, and D- grades into the grading scale. In the past, + and - grades were only awarded above the C level. Here are some things you should know:

  • As in the past, a C (2.0) or higher is required to fulfill general education or major requirements, or to satisfy a prerequisite. Keep in mind that grades of C- or less won't count for these!
  • As in the past, you can repeat a course in which you earn a grade lower than C (2.0) for grade improvement, with some limitations. So you can (but you are not required to) repeat a class in which you earn a C-.
  • You earn credits toward your 180 credit requirement for classes in which you earn grades of D- or higher. No credit is awarded for F, NP, W, or I grades.
  • For more extensive information, see the UCSC General Catalog and The Navigator