New Student Advising: Transfer Students

Welcome to UCSC!

Slug Orientation is your next step. In order to get an early enrollment appointment, you must complete the Slug Orientation courses, and submit your official test scores and transcripts to admissionsInstructions to access these courses was sent to your UCSC email account (activate your UCSC email account now). 

Here are some resources you may find helpful:

•  Getting Started in the Major Guides for Transfer Students

• Course Highlights for Transfer Students (coming soon!)

•  Services for Transfer and Re-Entry Students

You have already had valuable exposure to the college experience, and now is the time to get adjusted to UCSC and “hit the ground running!" Because the time you have to complete your degree is limited, it is important to seek information about resources and opportunities as soon as possible. To ensure a smooth transition to UCSC, we'll be providing everything you need to learn the following prior to your arrival:

  • Learn how UCSC advising is organized and how to access advisers.
  • Become familiar with your student portal (, including how to access your academic information and enroll in classes.
  • Consider how your intended major fits with your long-term goals, learn about the major you’re planning, and identify whether you are meeting qualification requirements for your intended major as well as your starting point in the major’s curriculum.
  • Choose and enroll in classes for your first term based on your major requirements, your interests, and your strengths.
  • Research the ways you can build a foundation for success by finding ways to engage with the campus.
  • Be aware of issues and requirements that are specific to transfer students.