Dropping a Second Major or Minor

If you are declared as a double major or major/minor and want to drop a major or a minor, meet with the adviser for the program you are dropping (for example, if you are declared as a literature and economics double major and want to drop your literature major, meet with the literature adviser).  The adviser will fill out a Request for Drop of a Major/Minor form and file it with the appropriate offices, leaving you declared with a single major. 

If dropping a major or minor will require a revision of your academic plan, or if you have questions about your remaining major requirements, contact the adviser for your single major.

You may only use this process if:

•  you are declared in either a double major or a major/minor program (you cannot use this process to change to undeclared status) AND

•  you are keeping at least one of your declared majors AND

•  you are not adding any other major or minor. 

If you are newly declaring any major or minor, use the declaration of major/minor process instead.