Changing your Major

If you are declared in a major and your educational goals change, you may change to a different major by going through the major declaration process. Just as when you first declared, you will need to meet the new major's qualification requirements. Depending on how far along in your undergraduate education you are, you may need to submit an academic plan showing that you can successfully complete the new major within the maximum number of enrollment quarters and credits available to you. If you're a junior or senior and are already declared, the new department will need to approve your change of major.

It is very important to seek advising from your potential new major advisor (and your college advisor, if you'll need to enroll at UCSC longer to complete the new major) if you hope to change your major in your junior or senior year. Although some students are able to do this with no problems, others are not able to complete degree requirements within enrollment limits by beginning a major late in their career. It all depends on the major you hope to pursue and the classes you've taken thus far.