Qualify for a Major

Did you know that students are required to be declared in a major before enrolling for their third year (or equivalent); or as a transfer student, before the deadline in their second quarter at UCSC?

It is important to inform yourself of the declaration process for your major(s) because deadlines and policies can vary for each major. To be on track to declare on time, you need to:

  • Determine the qualification criteria for your major(s) (e.g. courses required and possible GPA requirement). You need to complete the qualification courses prior to your sixth quarter of enrollment (for transfer students, before your second quarter).  

  • Review the major program information in the UCSC General Catalog: http://registrar.ucsc.edu/catalog/programs-courses/index.html#departments.

  • Visit the major adviser to develop a plan to complete the qualificaton requirements: http://advising.ucsc.edu/about/major-advising/major-links.html

  • If you have questions about major qualification or about developing a qualification plan, be sure to consult with the adviser for the major you intend to pursue.

Are you ready? The earlier you plan and declare your major, the more time you have to enrich your academic experience with opportunities such as study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, and field study; not to mention graduate on time without any surprises!

If you are able to declare this quarter, do so immediately with your major department or advising office. Be aware that some majors have special deadlines, require workshops, and may use an online process (for example, the School of Engineering's Major Qualification Verification https://ua.soe.ucsc.edu/declare-your-major).

If you are expected to declare this quarter but are unable to declare, you will need to complete the online Final Quarter Qualification Form.  Your college advisers will review this plan to ensure that it is viable for you. If so, we will remove your enrollment hold - if not, we will ask you to take additional action.

Remember, both your college and intended major advisers are available to help. After conducting your own research to develop a plan, feel free to reach out for help if you have questions.