Explore UC Santa Cruz Majors

UC Santa Cruz offers more than 70 majors, and MyMajors is a tool to help you explore. Even if you already have a general sense of what major you’d like to pursue, MyMajors can help to confirm your choice - or might make you aware of a major you didn’t even know existed!

If you entered UC Santa Cruz as a transfer student, your record may have been screened for major preparation at the time of admission. Not all UC Santa Cruz majors will be open to transfer students, so if you’re considering a major that wasn’t listed on your application it’s important to talk with the advisor for that major as soon as possible to learn if it’s an option.

Create your profile in MyMajors to receive a personalized list of ten majors at UC Santa Cruz that may be a good fit for your interests and strengths. Then explore the information provided on your own, or bring your list when you meet with your academic advisor. We’re excited to see what you decide, and what kind of positive impact you’ll make in the world!