Guide: How to Troubleshoot IGETC Issues

I'm a transfer student - why isn’t my IGETC showing as satisfied?

  • IGETC stands for "Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum" and is a way for students who transfer to UCSC to complete their lower division general education requirements before starting at UCSC.
  • The IGETC certificate can be sent via mail (paper), electronically, parchment (or the like), or via email.  Admissions will accept official IGETC certification as pdf attachments only if it is emailed directly from the community college counseling office to
  • Your transcript must clearly state that UC IGETC is "COMPLETE" or "CERTIFIED. ("Pursuing IGETC certification" is not sufficient). Please note that CSU schools and UC IGETC Certifications have different requirements; UCSC needs clarification that the latter has been completed. 
  • If there is no mention of certification on the transcript, IGETC certification may be sent separately. Note: Not all community colleges do this automatically; you may need to contact them to find out.  
  • If you feel sure that you have been IGETC certified and/or that you have submitted a transcript with IGETC certification but it has not been posted to your record within 6 weeks of UCSC receiving it, and you don't see it on your To-Do List, please submit a "Review of Transfer Credit" via online form:, so Admissions can look into it further. 
  • In some cases, you may believe you completed IGETC when you did not. Missing just one course on the IGETC list can impact your certification. UC Santa Cruz Admissions confirms if courses used for your certification satisfy requirements.
  • For NEW transfer students please allow 1-2 quarters for your IGETC to post to your Degree Progress Report (DPR).

Do I have “Partial IGETC”?

  • If a student completes most of the IGETC curriculum except for one or two courses, the student may qualify for a partial IGETC. This is when the Office of Admissions authorizes completion of final GE at UC Santa Cruz or at a community college.
  • To be considered for partial IGETC, make sure the Office of Admissions received an IGETC worksheet from your community college.
  • Admissions will contact you if you qualify for partial IGETC within your first or second quarter here (provided you have sent your IGETC certification from your community college).

Tracking IGETC processing at UCSC:

STEP 1: Verify your UC IGETC certificate has been processed and posted to your student record through the Degree Progress Report (DPR).

  • Check your UCSC Degree Progress Report: If you have questions about how to access or use the Degree Progress Report (DPR), check out the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the DPR.
  • If your IGETC has been posted, you will notice that your lower division general education (GE) requirements will have been satisfied by IGETC, which should look like this:
*Note: The Disciplinary Communication (DC) GE requirement is an upper-division requirement and will show up as Not Satisfied even if you have IGETC. This GE will be fulfilled by your major requirements.

STEP 2) If you do not see that your IGETC has posted:

  • Contact the community college you last attended and verify you earned an official UC IGETC certificate and that it has been sent to the UC Santa Cruz campus. 
  • If you confirm that your IGETC Certificate has been sent but you do not see it reflected in your student portal within 6 weeks of receipt, file a Review of Transfer Credit (RTC) at with a request to have it posted.

NOTE: If you did not complete IGETC prior to transfer, you will follow the UC Santa Cruz General Education (GE) Requirements, and not the IGETC requirements. Check your Degree Progress Report in MyUCSC to see which GE requirements you still need.

You may also be able to take courses at community college to satisfy your remaining GEs.