Request to Repeat a Course More Than Once (Double-Repeat or Triple-Take)

Policy Overview
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Policy Overview:

The primary intent of the Double-Repeat Policy (also known as “Triple-Take”), is to support student academic success and graduation.

For students who are undeclared, the focus is to identify a path towards declaration of a single major in which they will succeed. If you are undeclared and would like to pursue double-repeat (or triple-take) of a specific course, a conversation with your advisor about this will likely focus on identifying your strengths and the best way to identify a major that aligns with your values, interests, and goals.

For students who are declared in a major and are interested in pursuing a double-repeat in failing major courses there should be a conversation with your advisor focused on resources available to support your success, and the different pathways available to earn your degree. Requests for exceptions for these students will be evaluated in the context of how much time a student has to complete their degree and whether alternative paths to a degree are possible (along with whether well-documented extenuating circumstances affected the student’s ability to pass the class on previous attempts). Decisions are made based on individual circumstances and after consultation with the major department.

The ultimate goal for students is a path to a degree, and students will not be approved for an additional repeat in order to complete a double major or major/minor program. Students declared in multiple programs may need to drop down to their most viable (single) major, or if allowed by the major program’s policies, take the course at a different institution. Exceptions will not be approved if other paths to a timely degree are possible.

General Guidelines:

  • Taking a course more than twice requires approval of the student's college and includes a review by the department in which the student is declared. 
  • Students who receive a grade below C/P (C-, D+, D, D-, F, NP, or W) may retake the course, subject to the following conditions:
    • Courses in which the student has received a letter grade of C-, D+, D, D-, or F can only be taken again on a letter grade basis.
    • Credits will not be awarded more than once for the same course (for example: if a student earns a C-, D+, D, or D-, and re-takes the class, they will not receive additional credits the second time they take it), but the grade assigned each time will be permanently recorded on the student's transcript.
  • See Academic Senate Regulation 9.1.8 for details.

Instructions for Students:

First consult with your college advisor to discuss your academic success and degree path. Your college advisor will partner with you to determine if submitting a petition to repeat a course is the best path forward. If you decide to submit a petition, your college advisor will provide you with a link to the appropriate form in DocuSign. Please complete "Section A" of the form in DocuSign, at which point it will be forwarded to your academic advisors for review. If you have questions about how to fill in the form while in DocuSign, you can hover over each field for help text (tips are listed below).

NOTE: Students who need to repeat the college core course (College 1) for a second time should not route their request through the Double Repeat process; instead they should contact their college advisor to book an appointment to discuss their situation.

Docusign Section A block

Some helpful pointers when completing "Section A":

  • Class #: If the Class Search is not yet available, type “n/a” for the class number.
  • Attempts: Insert a comment with the grades you received in previous attempts.
  • Major/discipline: Select your major on the drop down menu. (If this is for WRIT 1 or WRIT 2, select “Writing Program”).
  • Quarters of Eligibility: If you are unsure about your quarters of eligibility, please consult with your college advisor.
  • Student Advising Summary: Use this quick link with instructions on how to find your Student Advising Summary
  • Justification Statement: You will be asked to write a Justification Statement (more detailed instructions can be found on the form). Please save this as a PDF so that you can attach it.

How do I track the progress of my repeat petition?

After you submit your repeat petition, you can Log into DocuSign and click on “Waiting for Others” to check on the status of your petition (see image below). Also see Envelope Status.

Docusign, when "Waiting for Others" equals zero.


  • Double-repeat (triple-take) petitions are due no later than the first day of instruction. Those submitted after this date may not be considered. 
  • Petitions may take from 2-4 weeks for processing due to the breadth of consultation involved. Please keep this in mind as you prepare and submit your materials.
  • If approved, please be aware that colleges cannot guarantee space available in courses.

For Advisors

Refer to the Double-Repeat Guidelines and the “Policies & Procedures for Academic Advising” shared drive for instructions.