Readmission application filing periods:

  Filing Period Extended Filing Deadline
Fall: November 1 - April 1 June 1*
Winter: July 1 - October 1
Spring: October 1 - January 2
Summer: April 1 - June 1

* Applicants filing for fall readmission during the extended filing period between April 1 and June 1 will have a late enrollment appointment. Class selection and availability may be limited. To ensure timely processing and enrollment opportunities, we strongly recommend all fall readmission applications be filed before April 1.

UCSC welcomes returning undergraduates. Because your advisers want to ensure that you have a successful return, we encourage you to develop a readmission plan well in advance of the applicable readmission deadline.

Oakes and Rachel Carson College Students...

Oakes and Rachel Carson Colleges are piloting a new online readmission application - if you are affiliated with Oakes or Rachel Carson College (formerly College Eight), use this link to apply.

All other students continue with the process below.  

Before You Apply:

It is important that you think about and obtain documentation about the following areas before you fill out the readmission application:

  1. A plan for your intended major – You’ll need to know what major you're planning to pursue, and whether you're eligible for that major. If you haven't already, contact your department/major adviser and obtain a UCSC Academic Planning Form to help you map your courses. You’ll also need to submit a signed copy of your plan as a part of your readmission application. This document is required for all students. Undecided first-year and second-year students should contact their college for advice on how to plan.
  2. Transcripts - If you've attended any schools since you left UCSC, unofficial and official transcripts are required for readmission. You'll need to obtain unofficial copies of your transcripts (or detailed course information if you're currently enrolled) in order to answer some of the readmission application questions, and to inform your college advisers of your current academic progress. Attach unofficial copies to your application. Furthermore, after you apply you'll also need to send official transcripts to the Office of The Registrar, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064.
  3. Your readiness to return - If you left campus in poor academic standing, were barred, were issued a judicial sanction, or withdrew for medical reasons, you may need to submit additional documents regarding your readiness to succeed at UCSC. You are encouraged to contact your college advisers as soon as possible for details, as your readmission application may not be approved until certain conditions are met. To verify medical readiness to return, use this form -- this is one form that should not be submitted until after you apply; instead, it must be dated by your health care provider and received by the UCSC Medical Director by the deadline listed on the form. You should also consider your financial readiness to return: check your Student Center at MyUCSC for billing information and holds. To apply for aid, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 2 or as soon as possible. If you are readmitting for summer and do not have a current financial aid application on file (FAFSA or Dream Application), pleasec ontact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at 831-459-2963.


  1. Download, print and complete the Application for Readmission.
  2. If you have been away from UCSC for two or more regular (fall, winter, spring) academic terms, you are required to complete the Online Statement of Legal Residence. The request to complete this form will appear on your To Do List and you can access the link from your My Residency Information page.
  3. Work with your major adviser to complete the UCSC Academic Planning Form. Undecided first-year students may instead complete the plan with their college adviser. Attach it to your application (if you have not already sent this information to your college).
  4. Obtain unofficial transcripts from any institutions attended since you were last enrolled at UCSC. Attach them to your application.
  5. Mail the completed application, UCSC Academic Planning Form, and unofficial transcripts (if applicable) to:

    Hahn 150, UC Santa Cruz
    1156 High Street
    Santa Cruz, CA 95064

    * Note: There is a $70 filing fee, which is nonrefundable and nontransferable. The filing fee will be billed to your student account; you are responsible for this fee even if you do not return to UCSC.
  6. Contact your college to find out about any additional requirements based on your academic situation. Depending on your circumstances, these may include:
    • In-progress statements from courses you’re currently taking
    • Medical documentation addressing readiness to return (this form should not be submitted immediately, but should be dated by your health care provider and received by the UCSC Medical Director by the deadline listed on the form)
    • Academic standing appeal letters
    • Judicial appeal letters
    • Other documents as required by your college

What to Expect:

In most cases students who have submitted a complete application (with all required documents) will receive confirmation of acceptance, or correspondence regarding the application status, via email within two weeks. Incomplete applications - or those for students who were on probation, barred or disqualified from the University - may take additional time to process. Applications received during the "extended filing period" for fall (April 1 - June 1) may take longer to process, and filing within this period will likely result in a late enrollment appointment. Class selection and availability may be limited.

Please make sure you check the email address listed in your application regularly, and respond as quickly as possible to all queries. If you are approved for readmission, your confirmation email will detail relevant enrollment instructions and deadlines. For additional information regarding your application or supplemental documents, please contact the offices listed below.

Who to Contact:

For questions about receipt of your application, your approval requirements, supplemental documents or readiness to return, contact your college advising office.

For questions about planning major courses using the UCSC Academic Planning Form, contact your major or department advising office.